Zumba® Saint John 2012!

In 2012, resolve party yourself into shape! Feel the music and let loose!

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 Saint John Testimonials

Raymond said:
I’ve never been one to be on a diet. I’d rather be more active to burn off the extra lbs. I’ll have to admit I was a little apprehensive to be one of a few males or the only one in a Zumba class which is widely thought to be a lady thing. I watched some videos with the inventor Alberto Perez and come to realize it’s for all ages and genders. Once you give Zumba a chance and you have highly motivating instructors, you too will be hooked. I also do not own scale,but what I noticed is my clothes getting loose. I’m now fitting into clothes that were long tucked away because they were too small. Now that I’m encouraged by the progress, I work harder and I try to eat healthier. Just last week I cut a 6″ piece of my belt. I WILL achieve my ideal weight and never look back as long as I can get to my Zumba class. Thank you, keep up the great job!

Huge Fan! said:
In the last year my eating habits have not changed at all. I always wanted to lose a bunch of weight and get healthy, but was never able to stick to anything. This time last year my Sis in Law said Let’s do Zumba!! I thought she was nuts and that I’d make a fool of myself, but what the hell. I’m in. I got addicted. It was fun, and I literally Sweat my Butt off. I’m down 60 lbs in this past year, and it’s thanks to you. Thanks. ♥

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